Cakes In A Jar

Get ready for gift giving this holiday season with your own homemade cakes in a jar.

Cakes In A Jar

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Siding Colors

Siding is the outer covering of houses that is made up of many varieties of waterproof facing frame building, composed of parts committed separately as shingles, plain or shaped lumber or of various items of sheet metal or contrary kinds of composing materials. Choosing siding color tones for your home is one of the trickiest job when you have to set up it. You will find many varieties of colors, styles and designs in siding to make your home stare better as definitely as attractive. To make your house stand out others deciding contrary siding color tones would be master to go for it.


Various kinds of siding color tones and designs:

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Review Of The Tupperware Hamburger Press

Tupperware has been around for over sixty years introducing its self in 1946 and has provided an excellent service to families. Now they are promoting the Tupperware Hamburger Press. This product would be an excellent asset to the busy life style that many families have today as well as the guarantee that is offered with all their products. The Tupperware Hamburger Press is a tried and true product that is fully guaranteed.

This product comes with four snap together keeper bowls, one seal, the press, and the shaping ring for perfect patties. This set comes in magenta or lettuce leaf green and the keepers are snow white. There is also a value set that can be added to the keeper set which adds eight more snap together keepers and two seals, this set comes in the lettuce leaf green and snow white. For all of this the modest price is $ 60.50 plus shipping and handling.

This is a wonderful product for a busy family that needs meals quick. Storing up to twelve patties for later use is an ultimate time saver. Hamburger goes from frozen too cooked in just minutes. This is also the perfect product for the weekend griller whether for just family or family and friends.

With this product there will never be a need to handle raw ground meat again. Using a scoop or spoon just place the ground meat in the keeper and shaping ring then press with a turn a perfect patty every time. It can be used with ground pork, chicken, turkey or beef.

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Equip Your Kitchen With Jar Spices

You might be in the process of remodeling or putting a new kitchen into your home. You will undoubtedly spend a great deal of time determining what types of appliances to buy as well as when to place them in your new cooking space. But after all the construction and finishing work is done, the space would be incomplete for the fun of cooking without an ample assortment of jar spices. Jars of spices placed in racks make a wonderful, colorful decoration in any kitchen, and the great thing about spices in jars is that they are not only beautiful but also functional as well in your new culinary workspace.

It is always handy to have a spice blend as one of your jar spices. Many enjoy the flavor that comes from using an Italian Seasoning blend of organic spices. These organic spices typically include marjoram, an herb in the mint family; thyme; rosemary; savory; sage; oregano and basil. This makes it very easy to prepare a dish such as Herb Marinated Chicken, for example. The chicken can be cut up and then placed in a plastic food storage bag. To this bag you can add extra virgin oil oil, a couple of tablespoons of Ouzo, a Greek liquor that tastes like licorice, and a healthy shake of your jar of spices. Seal the top, and rotate the chicken around in the bag, then place it in the refrigerator to marinate for at least an hour. This succulent chicken can then be roasted in the over or placed on the grill for a delicious dinner.

You can also use this jar of spices to prepare spinach lasagna. This is a wonderful meatless main dish that substitutes chopped spinach for the meat that typically goes into the sauce of lasagna. You layer the sauce, spinach, cheeses and lasagna pasta, finishing with a layer of sauce and cheese on top, and bake for an hour. That, combined with some garlic bread, a green salad and some red wine, will make you a star in the kitchen.

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