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Cakes In A Jar

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Niseko Pre Skiing Breakfast

Attractions of Ski Holidays

In today’s hectic world it is very difficult to find some time out for relaxation. Some people believe that skiing can be an innovative experience altogether. This is because skiing has a lot of adventure associated with it. Depending on the type of skiing you want there are ample options.

The Mammoth Mountain in California can be a very good opportunity for you to hone your skills of skiing. An important reason to this is that you can enjoy skiing in this mountain for a long period of time. It is a magnificent mountain, rising to a height of eleven hundred feet. The mountain is completely a skiable terrain. It has a stretch of powdered snow for almost thirty two feet. And this is one such mountain where you can carry on your skiing right from November till July. In fact the Mammoth Mountain can be a very good option for planning a last minute holiday.

Canada is another favorite choice for the skiers. But if you want to explore the terrains of Canada it is wise that you do the booking in advance. An important reason as to why Canada turns out to be very attractive is that it has a blend of French culture in it. It includes activities like fishing, snowboarding and besides that the bountiful nature is an added advantage. After a tiring day of skiing the best way to rejuvenate is with the tasty French cuisine and drinks.

People for whom skiing is the only motive Utah in USA can be the best option. This place welcomes the adventurous skiers with open arms. The powdery snow cover of this area is very precious for every skier. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the skiing the Utah ski holiday resort can never disappoint you. If you are a novice in skiing the best option for you can be the Colorado. The high altitude, the sunshine can almost mesmerize every skier especially a beginner. If you have been to Colorado once it becomes difficult to resist its attraction.

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Smoked Pizzas and Sandwiches at Ox and Tomato | Chennai

What you see – Located where Karmaa Café once was in Alwarpet, Chennai, Ox and Tomato is a franchise of Ox and Tomato, ChennaiSandy’s Chocolate Lab. Wondering how the name of this restaurant came about? The name Ox and Tomato is specific to their specialty in pizzas. The Ox refers to the mozzarella cheese used (the Ox is where it comes from). Tomato is a standard base for all pizzas. And hence the name Ox and Tomato that signifies their typical New York style of pizza preparation.

This restaurant is getting quite popular in the neighborhood. Come lunch time, and it’s the aroma of pizzas and sandwiches that greets you. A busy chef puts together a delicious meal. You can watch your food as it is prepared if you are sitting near the kitchen counter – great if you want to pick up some cooking tips! The restaurant area is otherwise quite small and can seat about 15 people at a time. The interiors are modest and the few T-shirts on display for sale add some color to it.

What you get – The restaurant boasts of being continuously innovative. The menu mainly comprises Pizzas, Sandwiches, Salads, Starters, Soft Drinks, Shakes and Desserts.

We started off with a Chocolate Milkshake and a Vanilla Cola Float. The milkshake was thick and rich with chocolate ice cream. The Vanilla float was light and looked like a cloud when served. In starters, we had the Potato Wedges which were crisp on the outside but soft inside. We also had the Bruschetta (roasted bread with toppings). The portions were just right and left enough space for the main course.

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Advantages of Seafood Products

People around the world prefer sea food in their daily diet and enjoy it. In fact, it has many health benefits that people like most. Fresh seafood has many advantages that attract global community. It helps prevent as well as alleviate growing ailments day by day. Nutritionists also recommend seafood because it shows health benefits. Proper consumption shows significant improvements in heart problems, arthritis, and other health-related problems. They also suggest it in diets as it essential oils, vitamins, minerals and valuable nutrients.

Nutritionists suggest that a healthy diet should have of a wide variety of seafood and especially fishes, which are figuratively low in fat and high in Omega-3. Omega-3 is highly vital nutrient to human body that is very essential in fetal development. Seafood including lobster meat, crab, and fish are high in omega-3, which can be beneficial to brain development, functioning and nerve development for infants. Pregnant mothers purchase fresh seafood (lobster meat, bluemussls, crab, golden pompano, fish, and frozen squid) in most local food markets in their region. Some of the seafood and especially fishes that have low fats and nutrition are Sardines, Salmon, Trout, Tuna, etc.

Sea food is an outstanding source of quality nutrition, protein while remaining low in saturated fat and highly rich in vitamins and minerals. The biggest advantage is that it has the vitamin D content that possesses anti-cancer and bone-building properties. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and certain compounds that help in overall development. Some extra minerals and nutrients that contribute to seafood’s health benefits also involve iodine, zinc and selenium.

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