Cakes In A Jar

Get ready for gift giving this holiday season with your own homemade cakes in a jar.

Cakes In A Jar

7 Days of Meals

Need some help in what to cook for dinner? Buy this book for dinners ideas. Has recipes for complete dinners for everyday of the week.

7 Days of Meals (Dinner suggestions for the week)

Halloween Treats

Cook up some scary fun snacks for your kids with the fun recipe treats in this book.

Halloween Recipe Treats

WordPress Plugins Book

WordPress Plugins

Useful plugins to help you enhance and manage your WordPress website.

Experience Maryland Seafood

Maryland is known for a lot of things, but perhaps is best known for the famous local dining delicacies available to residents and visitors alike. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of going to Maryland and visiting Baltimore Harbor knows that the taste of Maryland seafood is simply unmatched. Maryland seafood offerings include a variety of fresh-caught delights sure to please any palette. While their crab offerings may be their special claim to fame, no fresh-caught Maryland seafood caught by a local waterman is ever going to disappoint.

Ordering Maryland Seafood Online

Once you taste Maryland seafood, you may be spoiled for life. This, of course, can create a problem for those who don’t live there. The crab, the crab cakes and the other seafood offerings from your local grocery store simply are not going to cut it any more after you have the real thing in Maryland. So, what’s a person to do? Of course you can’t just jump on a plane every time you feel like having crab claws at the Baltimore Harbor.

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Welcome your Friends and Family with Luscious Broccoli Casserole Preparations

Wish to make a nutritious meal for entire family or like to make a delectable side dish for party? The well-suited choice is broccoli casserole. There are varieties of broccoli casserole dishes that may well fit each platter. The finest thing is that broccoli casserole is wholesome due to the existence of broccoli that itself is a healthy vegetable.

Broccoli casserole dishes are not just good for you but also delectable and fascinating. It may be either presented as a side dish in festivity food or as a wholesome delight for full family. Modifications can also be effortlessly made with broccoli casserole. Here are few of them:

Cheese broccoli casserole – This is one of the simplest and well-admired broccoli casserole dishes. It involves broccoli florets that should be blanched. Grated cheese, preferably parmesan, can be used for garnishing the casserole. For making a low-fat dish, just reduce the amount of cheese. Broccoli florets needs to be crispy and sauteed in little olive oil earlier than adding to the baking dish.

Beef and broccoli casserole with almonds – Beef gives a nice flavor the casserole preparations. Lamb, poultry or pork could also be selected for this filling preparation. Cut the beef sirloin in fine strips that will allow speedy cooking. Strips of meat should be browned in olive oil before baking. Beef or meat can also be preserved in a variety of flavoring agents and sauce of your preference previous to cooking. Stir-fry the steamed broccoli in oil and place as the bottom layer in the baking dish. Subsequently, put together a layer of meat and cover up the top with little crushed cheese and sliced almonds. Olive oil is recommended instead of butter to trim down extra fat from the broccoli casserole preparations.

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5 Free Paleo Gravy and Marinade Recipes

Paleo Gravy Recipes


Paleo Mushroom Onion Gravy Recipe



- 2 tablespoon coconut flour

- 1 coconut milk

- 1 medium sliced onion

- 2-3 crushed garlic cloves

- 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms

- 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

- 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

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Looking for Hamilton Restaurants? – Check out Turtle Jacks

Dog Journals


Document your dog's life as it happens!

Facebook Recipes

Facebook Recipes

Do you want to keep your treasured Facebook recipes forever? This blank recipe book will allow you to do just that.

Facebook Recipes -Recipe Keeper

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

This is a delightful Halloween story about two ferret siblings, Slinky and Bandit. The adventure begins when these two little stinkers sneak out the cat door that Dad has just built.

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

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