Cakes In A Jar

Get ready for gift giving this holiday season with your own homemade cakes in a jar.

Cakes In A Jar

7 Days of Meals

Need some help in what to cook for dinner? Buy this book for dinners ideas. Has recipes for complete dinners for everyday of the week.

7 Days of Meals (Dinner suggestions for the week)

Halloween Treats

Cook up some scary fun snacks for your kids with the fun recipe treats in this book.

Halloween Recipe Treats

WordPress Plugins Book

WordPress Plugins

Useful plugins to help you enhance and manage your WordPress website.

Halloween Toys Trick or Treat

Hooray, Oct. 31 Halloween Day is around the corner and needless to say, parents that would like a healthier alternative than handing out Halloween candy to trick or treaters or party guests have a good mind to check out the selection of cute Halloween toys on sale online or at department stores now. As for the fabulous and awesome Halloween toys in full swing and going with flying colors, some are miniature versions of classic toys (often given a Halloween makeover of orange and black), while others are new versions of small toys now featuring characters from popular franchises such as Star Wars or Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, and Disney-Pixar Cars. These tiny Halloween toys undoubtedly are so appealing that parents may find themselves saving a few for their own children to play with once the holiday is over and trick or treating is done.

Here we go, highlights from the section of small Halloween toys online include:

The Mr. Potato Head Trick or Tater, a trick or treating Potato Head with face parts like vampire teeth and pointy ears and a separate ghost costume.
Tiny Polly Pocket dolls with Halloween outfits and accessories in purple, orange, and black.
Tiny Barbie Mini B dolls with Halloween outfits and accessories, also in purple, pink, orange, and black.
Small packages of LEGO sets for themes such as World Racers and Atlantis, as well as tiny packs of LEGO minifigures.
Small Halloween-themed SpongeBob SquarePants minipuzzles.
Packages of Hot Wheels Scary Cars.
An adorable tiny Target-exclusive Hello Kitty World Haunted House playset.
Original Slinky toys in orange and black.
Star Wars Bobble Heads of Yoda and Darth Vader.
Small cans of Playdoh in colors like orange, green, white, black, and pink.
Halloween-themed m&m candy fans.
A Trick-or-Treat set of miniature decks of card games like Go Fish and Crazy Eights, each with characters from a different Disney franchise pictured on the back.
A Halloween-themed Festival of Frights deck of cards accompanied by orange gumballs to use as prizes. Continue reading →

How to Make Sweet Potatoes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving would not be complete without sweet potatoes or yams. If you are not from America you may not be familiar with this vegetable. They originally came from South America, where they were native to the land. They are now grown in many other warm regions. They came to our shores long ago by slaves coming to America. Sweet potato can be cooked in the same ways as white potatoes. They do differ from white potatoes in that they can be used as pie filling. This is a very common practice in the American South.

First and probably most popular and most easy is baked sweet potatoes. You just wash the potatoes stab holes in the potatoes with a fork and then wrap them up individually in aluminum foil. Then bake the potatoes in the oven till they are soft. I suggest at least 90 minutes in a 325 degree oven.

Another popular recipe is twice baked sweet potatoes. First you bake the potatoes till soft, then you cut them in half and scoop out the ingredients into a large bow. Next you mash the potatoes. To the mashed potatoes you add butter, brown sugar and spices to suit your families taste. Then scoop the mix back into the skin and cover with bread crumbs. Bake in the oven till brown, usually 25 minutes.

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Halloween Vs Christmas

It is said that comparisons are odious and it is therefore not proper to sit in judgment as to which of the two – Halloween or Christmas – provides more excitement and greater mirth and merriment. We will therefore confine ourselves to highlighting the striking distinctions between the two and let each individual to decide his/her preference.

Halloween only lasts just for day whereas Christmas lasts more than a week. For this reason, many wish if there could be a way to extend Halloween for a few more days.

When it comes to dressing, Halloween gives you a lot of freedom and you can go about wearing clumsy clothes disguising yourself and try to become a different character to draw the attention of all those present. Christmas has religious overtones and you visit the church and attend special prayers and sing carols.  On Christmas day, you are generally found wearing your best attire and you receive a lot of gifts – particularly if you are below 18 years.

A recent online voting has revealed Christmas holidays are more favored by families than Halloween holidays., one of the popular online family resources, polled its visitors on Halloween and found that many families begin planning for the event weeks in advance and most of them expressed a preference for homemade costumes.

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Dog Journals


Document your dog's life as it happens!

Facebook Recipes

Facebook Recipes

Do you want to keep your treasured Facebook recipes forever? This blank recipe book will allow you to do just that.

Facebook Recipes -Recipe Keeper

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

This is a delightful Halloween story about two ferret siblings, Slinky and Bandit. The adventure begins when these two little stinkers sneak out the cat door that Dad has just built.

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

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