Cakes In A Jar

Get ready for gift giving this holiday season with your own homemade cakes in a jar.

Cakes In A Jar

7 Days of Meals

Need some help in what to cook for dinner? Buy this book for dinners ideas. Has recipes for complete dinners for everyday of the week.

7 Days of Meals (Dinner suggestions for the week)

Halloween Treats

Cook up some scary fun snacks for your kids with the fun recipe treats in this book.

Halloween Recipe Treats

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Diet Recipes – 2 Tasty Low-Fat Fish Recipes That You Would Never Suspect to Be Weight Loss Food

When you want to lose weight, a healthy and balanced diet is a crucial part of your weight loss plan. By no means should you starve yourself, since then your body will only think you’re entering a famine, with the result that it will store every calorie that it can spare, and try its utmost to gain its weight back once you stopped your diet and food is readily available again.

A much better option which will lead to long-term weight loss and effective weight maintenance is to simply eat healthier. Reduce calories – not by eating less, but by replacing fatty and sugary foods with healthier ones like fruit, vegetables, grains and whole grain products. Eat foods high in nutrients instead of calories. This way, you can still eat normal portions and enjoy meals without feeling deprived of anything. And because this is a kind of eating you can stick to for a lifetime, it will also enable you to have a healthy weight for a lifetime.

The following two recipes (making four servings each) are easy to make and low in fat since no fat needs to be added, provided you use a non-stick coated dish which won’t need greasing. If you need to grease your dish, apply a thin layer of margarine, olive or canola oil with a brush instead of pouring oil in.

Baked Fish with Squash and Marrows

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Cheese Products are its Best with Casserole Soups

One big challenging task for everybody is probably that of cooking. It is a reality that not all people are gifted with talents of cooking. Passion is the driving force for some people why they indulge in cooking; some, however, went to culinary school just to learn cooking and coming up with unique recipes. As a chef, it is a big challenge to produce unique dishes in the area. A recipe or dish that is uniquely owned by the chef. For the home makers who found joy in cooking, they need not have sophisticated kitchen system just to come-up with delicious food. One has to keep in mind that, aside from the ingredients, everything still boils down in talent.

Best Ingredient and Side Dish

Speaking of pure talent in cooking, it is worth to note that casserole soups can be one of the most challenging dishes. Casseroles required at least an hour to prepare. The soup has to be thick and creamy. According to some, the creamier is the casserole, the best it is. In some restaurants, their casserole dishes is sometimes being paired with thick small slices of cheese. People just love the taste of creamy casserole and cheese combined inside the mouth. A complete pair that can comfort one’s mind and body. Also, it is a challenge to look for the best cheese that can complement the casserole. A mushroom casserole dish topped with small bits of great cheese is a perfect example for this.

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Let corporate leadership training begin from poultry farm

Who should give wakeup call to the corporate and wake them up to reality? Who should accelerate speed of the corporate in tune with the speed of time?  Obviously, the leaders should do that. The question then would be who is that leader responsible for the above job?  A true leader never wait for others to endorse or testify him/her actions and never bother about what others are doing than about his/her own responsibilities and what they are suppose to do. 


Do such leaders exist in nature so that one can look at the example and enhance the understanding about the leadership dimensions and its responsibilities in the best way possible?


To learn about how the leaders should be and should behave one may have to travel from the fabulous fallacy of the corporate to a village farm land or a poultry farm.  Every villager would daily wakeup with the wakeup call of a rooster in the village. The bird rooster used to keep a very majestic gait and posture before it makes the crowing sound.  It is a very common feature in most villages.

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Looking for Hamilton Restaurants? – Check out Turtle Jacks

WordPress Plugins Book

WordPress Plugins

Useful plugins to help you enhance and manage your WordPress website.

Facebook Recipes

Facebook Recipes

Do you want to keep your treasured Facebook recipes forever? This blank recipe book will allow you to do just that.

Facebook Recipes -Recipe Keeper

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

This is a delightful Halloween story about two ferret siblings, Slinky and Bandit. The adventure begins when these two little stinkers sneak out the cat door that Dad has just built.

A Ferret's Scary Halloween

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